Corporate Events
Whether it’s a yearly office party or a large scale event for your company we create an audio/visual experience that will impress you and your guests. We learn your needs so we can provided a professional and fun experience that we plan and conduct for you. 

Premier Corporate Event Entertainment Services In Long Island

With over two decades of experience Ello Entertainment has helped businesses in Long Island host exciting and unique events. Whether its a professional agenda or a celebration we work with you at length to provide the best entertainment experience. As a result we deliver a premier entertainment experience that fits the needs of any business. 

"Corporate events are a great way to get staff to come out of their shells and really get to know one another. It's a magic moment when people walk into a work event as coworkers, and leave as friends."
Joseph M.
C E O of Ello Entertainment

Professional DJ's, MC's and more!

The Professional DJ’s and MC’s at Ello Entertainment create an exciting and professional environment for you and your staff. Whether you need music and light shows, or a setup for a presentation, we make it easy above all. 

Unlike handling it all yourself you can feel like a guest at your own party. Contact us today so we can get started planning your perfect event.