Our DJ Services

Ello Entertainment has everything you need to have an amazing event.

Our professional DJs and MCs offer a premier experience to you and your guests. Our DJ services include everything from high quality sound systems, TV display, intelligent lighting, uplighting and more. Below you can find out more information about all of the services that we offer.

Professional DJs

Our Veteran DJs have over 20 years of experience.

All of our professional DJs are highly experienced veterans. Our DJs bring the energy and provide non-stop music. Our DJ always come equipped with wireless microphones and can make any needed announcements.

Book with us and get a personalized soundtrack tailored to your occasion. Our music request form gives us insight into your musical tastes, allowing our talented DJs to craft their playlists and deliver an unforgettable experience!

Professional MCs

MCs lead the night

Having a dedicated MC for your event adds an extra level of energy and excitement. The MC functions as the host and ensures that your party flows smoothly. 

They will also help coordinate any formalities of your celebration and work with event planners or Maitre D’s to ensure that timing is synchronized. We strongly advise hiring a separate professional MC to lead your party for the best possible experience.

Sound Systems

Sound Quality Matters!

With Ello Entertainment, quality sound transforms any event. Superior sound hire is key – having it will make your event unforgettable.

Our clients can count on an excellent listening experience. Here at Ello Entertainment, we value audio quality and prioritize it by utilizing the best quality sound systems available for a crystal clear distinction in all your music entertainment needs!


Lighting Sets The Tone For Your Event!

Transform your venue with dynamic lighting! Create a beautiful atmosphere and add extra energy to the room by booking our selection of intelligent lights. Our moving head fixtures and LED uplighting will not only bring elegance, but also create an unforgettable light show for you event guests.

LED Uplighting

Enhance the visual atmosphere of your event by including our LED uplighting. Our LEDs are strategically set up around the room to dress up even the most basic-looking halls.
While typical LED rentals feature a single static color, booking with us includes a light technician who will color change and strobe the LEDs to the music during the dancing times. During the down times, such as the beginning of the event or during dinner when dancing isn’t present, we will set the color to match your chosen color theme.

Moving Heads

Our moving head intelligent lighting adds extra energy and excitement to any dance floor. They are mounted on top of upright trussing towers that are illuminated with LEDs. The Moving head lights add that Hollywood look when people are coming in, they are the lights you see in nightclubs and at concerts. They can also be used as a spotlight during any special moments to enhance your photos and give guests of honor the focus they deserve.

TV Displays

Take your entertainment to the next level.

We can provide you with two TV displays on upright trussing. When you add TVs to your event, you add more options and capabilities for your entertainment such as visual effects, photo montages and Zap shots. 

We include a custom digital display showcasing the occasion and guest of honor with any TV rental. Large Size Projection Screen also available. Inquiry about pricing if interested.

Montage Creation

A custom montage will be created displaying all of the photos you choose from the past until the present. The montage will be a highlight point of your event and played at the right time for you and your guests to enjoy. The best part is you get to keep your montage as a memory.

Zap Shots

A professional photographer that will take photos and capture candid moments throughout the event. The photographer will then display those photos on the TVs for you and your guest to enjoy. The best part about this service is you receive a copy of all the digital photos taken on a flash drive at the end of the event. This service does not take the place of regular photography.

PA Systems, Audio, Sound & Microphone Services

Let Us Handle Your Audio Needs

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, presentation or show, let us make it sound perfect! We can provide you with full sound systems, PA systems, wireless microphone set ups and more. Let us help equip you with a tailored selection of gear today!

Don't hesitate to give us a call or reach out online with any questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!