Your child’s special day.

Ello Entertainment has perfected the art of entertaining children.

Making things stress free for our clients ensuring the kids are engaged and having fun the entire party. These events cater toward but not limited to children thirteen years of age and younger.

Children's Event Entertainment Services In Long Island

We coordinate and deliver your perfect children’s event by helping you plan every single detail of child’s special day. Our DJs pride themselves in creating and customizing the perfect DJ sets tailored to your child’s taste in music.

"Kids are always so full of energy! In a way, they're the best partiers and its fun to keep them entertained and engaged!"
Joseph M.
C E O of Ello Entertainment

Professional DJ's, MC's and entertainment!

With over 20 years of experience in the industry you can expect our performance to be flawless and one of a kind.

Our experienced DJs and MCs will keep your guests engaged and celebrating the entire time.

Our DJs and MCs have perfected the art of entertaining children. With games, giveaways and awesome music, your child will thank you for the best party ever.

& More!

We offer more then just DJ's, we are the entertainment!

We keep your children and your guests busy with tons of activities from hand and face tattoos, follow along dances, parachute games, musical chairs, hula hoop contests, mummy wrap and many more.